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$270,000+ On Personal And Professional Mentorship From Some Of the Greatest Minds in The World Distilled Into "10 Commandments" 
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A Perfect 5-Star Rating

"Sasha's story is real. He had major problems when he was young, He was broke, got in debt, drug issues, got sober and he became wealthy at a very young age. 

He's spent the last couple of years teaching others how to do the same. The program he has, honestly it's f***ing awesome."
  - Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

“It's (Sasha's Processes) is so easy to use, it's a joke.

It’s only been 2 weeks and 
I’ve already closed 
8 clients 
who have paid me 
$1000-$2000 each.“

“I haven't even launched my online training business properly to the market place and I currently have 6 clients.

One of which has opened up his own marketing agency and got 3 clients in his first 2 wks.“

- Sam Mcloed (Student)
"Working with Sasha and his FAST4 Formula has been incredible for my business, Senza Wellness Foods have doubled monthly sales and our products are distributed in super markets Australia wide"
 - Andrea Cozolino (CoFounder Senza Wellness)

Take A Peep Inside…

Sasha grew up in a country town which had a population of 3000 people. He was one of four children, and his family had severe financial problems. 

As Sasha grew up, he faced a lot of obstacles. 

He had a hard time overcoming drug addiction in his early 20’s and was in $137,000 worth of debt because of some horrendous decisions he made..  

He lost everything, his friends, family, his house, and his partner. All of this put Sasha in an extremely tough spot..  

There came a tipping point where he had to make a decision.

He realized that no one else was to blame but himself. 

The catalyst was losing it all, being alone and having no one to help, no one to turn to.. Sasha had two choices - give in to it all.. Accept defeat and bankruptcy - or step into the unknown and become the most powerful version of himself - hyper-focused with the clarity of extreme pain he understood what his purpose was and what he needed to do. 

He removed all toxicity from his life. Terrible friends, drugs, and destructive behaviors. Through this period he was searching frantically for someone to guide and support him - after losing touch with his family he sought after a mentor or an advisor..  

Investing every dollar he made into the proximity to “gurus” who all were great at one part of his growth, mindset and spirituality (Joe Dispenza) Sales and Marketing (Jordan Belfort) Speaking and presenting (Andy Harrington) Branding and Social Media (Mark Lack).. 

After applying and leveraging the strategies and skills taught by these gurus..In a period of just 18 months he flipped his negative financial position from $137,000 BELOW ZERO to over 7 Figures of positive revenue.  

Forging and sourcing his success from these Four fundamental areas the concept of the FAST4 was born..  

Over the past few years Sasha has been perfecting and shaping the delivery of this system to ensure you as an entrepreneur or business owner are equipped with the exact tools and strategies that took years of mistakes, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebuilding..  

Don’t waste your time and money on searching for mentorship and proximity to 4,5,6 Gurus - Sasha has condensed his years of failures and lessons into this manuscript that you can download for free right now.  

I was struggling to free up time working a full time job and juggling my PT clients of an evening.. Using the FAST4 System, Sasha and I rapidly implemented a complete refinement of my operation for transitioning online with funnels, sales strategies and  complete branding makeover.. Cannot recommend Sasha and the team highly enough to anyone who wants to take their business or build a new business online.
 - Frank Matina
Head Coach and Founder - Fitnesstech
"I was introduced by a friend to Sasha and his FAST4 System towards the end of last year, I was making a big transition being an employee to partnering with my first Joint Venture Company. Sasha and his FAST4 System provided me with the clarity, steps and processes to take the plunge and within 8 weeks secured a deal worth over $100,000 USD. 
 - Stephen Spiller

Sasha Karabut

Sasha is the founder of PushPeak Mentoring and the creator of the FAST4 Movement. 

After experiencing what it feels like to have absolutely nothing, 
Sasha is dedicated his life to changing the pace of entrepreneurship. 

Shortcutting the learning curve and creating the life you deserve. 

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